The advantages of AOS Ozone machines:

  1. Portability: not large, compact, durable turret with carrying handle and the ability to transport and storage. Do not have permanently attached cords (optionally). Easy access to ozone sheets to clean or disassemble if necessary.
  2. Adaptability: numerous operating provisions, the possibility to arrange various height of device location.
  3. Easy to operate: ozone generators are supplied with an electronic countdown timer that does not require programming. The units have a direct power input and an additional outlet.
  4. More washing power: the latest generation of high-frequency electronic transformers with stainless steel electrodes, producing 20 times more ozone than imports from abroad.
  5. Quality components: made of ozone-resistant materials and marine grade wiring to limit corrosion. All components are user replaceable and user-friendly with simple tools.
  6. Electrical safety: short-circuit-proof transformers and overload protection are integrated in the wiring.
  7. Warranty: Unlimited 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

 Powerful commercial-grade AOS ozone generators win the competition.

Ozone Generator AOS-Jet1-40-200

Ozone Generator AOS-Jet1-40-200

The unit is shaped like a turret with a stainless steel drum to make it beauty. "AOS is an A..


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