About Us

Advanced Ozone Solutions (AOS) is an American company manufacturing high-power ozone generators using high-quality parts, energy-saving components and the latest ozone technologies. We design and assemble machines for home and commercial use. AOS high power ozone generators neutralize persistent odors, kill bacteria, viruses and mold spores in a short amount of time. Our professional, portable ozone production machines are better, more powerful and more durable devices that produce significantly more ozone and last longer, compared to low-quality imported instruments on the market.

For apartments, houses, cars, businesses, if you have smell problems and want to quickly, efficiently resolve them, it is better to buy AOS ozone generators. AOS firm designs and manufactures powerful industrial quality generators for people who want to get high quality products at the best price from an American manufacturer. In addition to this, you will receive lifelong support for your ozone generator, as well as a money back guarantee. AOS ozone generators design collected the latest technologies that will not become obsolete for a long time and will last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.