Introduction in Ozone Generators


ozone moleculeWhat is Ozone?

Ozone in normal conditions is a gas. Ozone has strong bactericidal properties. It is also a powerful oxidizing agent, the second after fluorine. At the planetary level, ozone is a vital compound necessary for all of humanity. Since ozone is a gas, it easily penetrates into inaccessible places, and it also quickly decomposes without leaving a chemical residue. Ozone destroys all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and does not develop resistance to it; therefore, it is perfect for removing mold, cleaning anything and eliminating various persistent odors. The ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms and constantly strives to become ordinary diatomic oxygen. That is why ozone has an oxidizing, destructive ability in relation to other compounds. Since ozone is used in very high concentrations to remove odors, it can be harmful to the respiratory system of humans and animals, and it is also dangerous to plants. The use of ozone is possible only in a room where there are no people, animals and plants. Ozone, unlike most disinfectants, does not remain after cleaning, but completely turns into oxygen.

Ways to produce ozone

It is known that there are two ways to produce ozone. The first, by means of corona discharge, the second is ultraviolet radiation. To date, the production of ozone by corona discharge is the simplest, rather productive and economical way. In this case, ozone is produced under the influence of an inhomogeneous electric field between two electrodes. Under the influence of an electric discharge, the oxygen molecule decays and triatomic ozone is formed. If you expose the oxygen molecules to ultraviolet light, with a wavelength of radiation of 185 nm, ozone will be produced. In nature ozone is produced in the same two ways. Lightning that occurs in the stratosphere is a kind of corona discharge. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun breaks up oxygen molecules into atoms, later they combine into a new molecule and three-atoms oxygen arises, which is ozone.

ozone-producing UV lightUltraviolet Light Ozone Generators

The operation of ultraviolet light ozone generators uses the operation of a low pressure UV lamp. Two-peaked multi-ton UV light is generated. The first peak occurs at the range of 254 nm, the second at 185 nm. Light with a long wavelength of 185 nm creates ozone due to the photolysis of oxygen molecules, and light with a long wavelength over 254 nm photolysis ozone back into oxygen, which does not work in favor of the ozone generation process. This explains why low-pressure lamps produce less pure ozone (for energy spent) than corona discharge ozone generators in dry, cool rooms. Not least, ultraviolet-type ozone generators produce ozone at almost constant speed, even in humid, hot rooms. This feature allows to use UV light type ozone generators in hot and humid conditions with greater success.

UV light ozone generators cope with all kinds of odors and eliminate viruses and microorganisms in harsh environmental conditions, such as high humidity and high temperature. We sell serious, professional UV light ozone generators to our customers who want to get the best, quality products at optimal, low prices. Moreover, we support each client and his product that was purchased from us, we give a guarantee with the possibility of a refund.


corona discharge platesCorona Discharge Ozone Generators

The interest in the synthesis of ozone by corona discharge has increased due to the higher energy efficiency and ease of implementation of this method. In one of our articles, you could already read that ozone is formed in the lower atmosphere by means of a static electric discharge (corona discharge), which occurs during a lightning strike. Oxygen molecules break up, temporarily turning into ozone and after a short time return to their original state, that is, oxygen. Corona discharge is an electric discharge in a gas that occurs at atmospheric pressure. Appears in the form of a glow of ionized gas in the near electrode region. A pale blue or ultraviolet discharge glow is very similar to the halo of the solar corona, which gave rise to the name corona discharge. At one time, Tesla built the Wondercliff Tower in order to achieve the transfer of energy by means of corona discharge. Corona discharge is the most effective way to produce large volumes of ozone from dry, cool air. In ozone corona discharge generators, discharge plates with electrodes and dielectric material are used, which does not allow excessive heating. To convert household voltage of 50/60 Hz, a special transformer is used, which is a high frequency, high-voltage generator of the order of 3-5 kV with a frequency of up to 15 kHz. This allows more ozone to be released from the air around the plates. In the last decade, in ozone technology, the design of the devices themselves, as well as transformers, have undergone significant changes and have become much better, safer and more productive. Bi-material coronary discharge plates have become much more compact and produce up to 10 grams (10000 mg !!!) of ozone per hour from a single double-sided 8 Sq.In (4.0 x 2.0 In) plate. This allow us to build smaller units with a large volume of produced ozone. But it is worth noting that ozone corona discharge generators work best in cool rooms with drier air. High humidity can lead to plate corrosion. If it is possible to control humidity and temperature in the treated room, ozone corona discharge generators are the best choice and are very effective. The corona discharge premium ozone generators we work with and sell are assembled using innovative technologies (such as: 1. high-frequency, high-voltage signal generator, 2. innovative ceramic plates with a semiconductor corona electrode). They are universal and can create shock waves ozone. The price of our corona discharge ozone generators is on average 50-70% lower than that of similar ozone generators sold in today's market.

High-output Corona Discharge Ozone Machines remove strong odors and sterilize bacteria, viruses and mold spores in minutes. The portable ozone generators that we sell are the industry's most powerful and durable units, generating significantly more ozone than the over-priced low ozone output "metal box" machines advertised everywhere. Whether it's for a home, vehicle or a business, when you have serious odor problems you'll want an Advanced Ozone Solutions to do the job quickly and completely. Simply put, we sell serious commercial-grade ozone generators to consumers who want high-performing products that do the job fast at the best price point. Plus, we stand behind every product we sell with a money-back guarantee and great customer service.

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